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Contact the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Patient Inquiries

All patient related inquiries, including prescription refills, should be directed to our UC San Diego Health Clinic.

Orthopaedics Clinic Locations

We welcome hearing from you. If you have operational questions please feel free to send your inquiries or comments:

Clinic Operations

Hannah Bellenbaum
Practice Director

Tracie Lukeralli
Ambulatory Care Administrative Supervisor

Christina Westcott
Practice Regional Manager

Business Office Operations

Cheryl Correira
Administrative Vice Chair

Matthew Favila
Academic Administrative Support
Assistant Programmatic and Operation Analyst

Sandra Gutierrez
Department Education Support Coordinator
Fellowship Programs
Voluntary Faculty Coordinator

Wendy Hess
Assistant to the Chair

Monica Labiano
Financial Assistant

Yesenia Rodriguez
Staff Human Services
Financial Assistant

Kathy Smith
Assistant Department Business Officer
Financial Analyst

Jennifer Zubyk
Residency Training Program Coordinator
Continuing Medical Education Coordinator